Mad Malcolm Productions, Inc.

Current Projects...

  1. The Human Element

  2. Electronic Music Production

  3. Music for ITV

  4. Indie Film/TV Scoring

  5. Podcasts and Downloads


Links to Mad Malcolm...

  1.    Soundcloud

  2.    CD Baby

  3.    Facebook

  4.    Facebook Music

  5.    MySpace

  6.    MySpace Music

  7.    ITVNW

Coming Soon...

  1. “2012” - Mad Malcolm

  2. “Rimshots” - Brian Hinton

  3. “Life @160BPM” - Mad Malcolm

  4. “Downtown” - Mad Malcolm

  5. “B-sides” - Mad Malcolm

  6. Music, Videos, Podcasts and Shows!

About Mad Malcolm Productions...

Mad Malcolm Productions, Inc. is a multimedia content production company focusing primarily on electronic music.  We also have a large library of music and samples available for licensing.

About Mad Malcolm...

Mad Malcolm is an artist and performer.  Mad Malcolm has released multiple albums online and performs live solo acoustic and electronic music.  Mad Malcolm is also part of the group, “The Human Element”Bio.htmlBio.html

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